Terms of use

This Agreement governs the use of the bicfp.com website, bicfp.ru, award.bicfp.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), which is maintained by IE Gudilina EO (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”), between the Organizer and an individual (hereinafter “ User").

This Agreement is a public offer of the Organizer.

Registration of the User on the Site confirms his accession to this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement, the User:

Confirms that he has read the terms of this Agreement.

He is personally responsible for the content of information and materials published by him on the Site, for the safety and confidentiality of the data necessary for its authorization on the Site.

Undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the laws and rules of the site that are applicable and applicable in this area.

Undertakes to not publish insults, slander, obscene expressions, pornographic or other immoral materials; materials that demonstrate or promote cruelty, terror or violence; materials that offend human dignity; as well as other materials that do not comply with the law.

It undertakes not to mislead other Users, nor to harass them or annoy them; not to make contact with other Users in the event they take actions that clearly indicate unwillingness to contact the User.

It undertakes not to try to make transactions without agreement with the Organizer or to offer to make transactions with other users in relation to any goods, works or services, use the Site to distribute advertising materials or illegal propaganda materials.

Undertakes to not publicly discuss the actions of the jury of the Site to exercise the rights of the Company under this Agreement.

Provides the Organizer with the right to reproduce, distribute, translate and remodel, as well as communicate materials added by the User to the Site or transmitted by the Organizer in another way, by cable, wire or other similar means, in such a way that any person can have access to it interactively from any place and at any time of your choice (the right to bring to the public).

The organizer reserves the right to:

Modify the Site at its discretion.

To provide paid and free services to Users (hereinafter - the "Services").

Change the cost and types of services, their duration.

To amend this Agreement unilaterally, without warning users.

Change the cost and types of Services, their duration; Transfer of funds from one User to another is not provided.

To edit or delete materials published by the User on the Site, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, harm the Organizer or third parties. Transfer the rights received from the User under this Agreement to third parties in order to implement this Agreement without the additional consent of the User.

The organizer is not responsible:

For the content, reliability and accuracy of materials published by Users. For causing harm, damage, loss of information or for causing any other losses to any persons who have arisen while using the service of the Site, including using mobile means of communication and other means of telecommunication.

For violation by the User of copyright and other rights of third parties by publishing materials that do not comply with applicable law (including copyright), added by the User to the Site or transferred to the Organizer in any other way.